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IAM Productions

Jesse's family, Monica, Victoria and Jesse

P.S. Prophetic Sound, I AM International Agape Movement, VIP Victorious Intimate Praise and I AM Productions were founded by Jesus David Gaxiola (Jesse), PSIAMVIP.COM While in the desert at an underground rave party Jesse had an encounter with Jesus where Jesse was asked to leave the rave scene but that he was to return at a later time for the lost and the party people. In the following years after the vision, Jesse was ordained as a Minister at the age of twenty-two. While in pastoral training, Jesse was given the vision of International Agape Movement. God gave him a vision of transforming the lives of millions. He was to teach, preach and host traveling dance parties for God all over the world. He is a Prophetic DJ that preaches, prays and prophecies while on the turntables.


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During this time of training, Jesse’s father passed away and a year later, his sister Gloria was brutally murdered, which drastically changed Jesse’s life and redirected him to work as a youth pastor for almost 12 years at a Christian school in Whittier, California. During these twelve years, God began to share the visions for P.S. Prophetic Sound, VIP Victorious Intimate Praise and I AM Productions. In 2014, Jesse married his wife Monica at HRock Church in Pasadena, CA. Shortly after their marriage, Jesse and Monica welcomed Victoria in 2015. Jesse and Monica both come out of the underground dance events scene called “raves” and both are called to reach millions of people through International Agape Movement.



In the early 1990s when Jesse and Monica were going to these events, there were only a few thousand people attending. Today, hundreds of thousands of people attend these events. These traveling parties are set up in different parts of the world. They promote love, joy, peace etc; although many of the people in attendance are on drugs and alcohol. The vision of the International Agape Movement is to host these types of events serving fruit juices, water, healthy food, Holy Spirit Prayer tents & worship dance music.

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