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About Us


Prophetic Sound:




International Agape Movement

International, every nation is welcome. Agape is the truest of loves and it is here for you, waiting on you. A deep, true love cannot be anything less than a Movement.  This movement carries a prophetic sound that is packed with life and the truest of loves, just for you…


Victorious Intimate Praise

YOU are the VIP. When this prophetic sound, infused with love breaks through and shows up in its truest form, Agape, you cannot help but find yourself in midst of a victorious state of being that brings you into Intimate Praise to that one true love…


Now that Agape has broken through the darkness, you are free to live truly. You see your beloved in the clearest of thoughts and you can’t help but shout your intimate praise to the most high love, Agape. Jesus.




Creates and hosts international pop up events where anyone can find healing for their hurt, acceptance for their rejection through love & friendship via the various expressions of art, such as music, dance, painting, and poetry.

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