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Hungover Sundays Invite

The Lord is now preparing a leadership that is willing to take a stand and fight a spiritual battle in order to break through the spiritual slavery, which hinders and oppresses our worship. Those that are searching, those that will be brought and those that have been waiting for a place to worship in unity, in spirit & truth through music, song, dance, and art, will enter into His glory and experience the wonderful emotion that will flood their soul. We are all created to worship Him. There is nothing more fulfilling or exhilarating that to simply worship Him. The more focused you are on Him, the more manifestation you will see of Him, regardless of where you are.

The true heart of a worshiper requires a desire from within to express adoration for Him by worshipping and staying in his presence. We have eternity in heaven to do this. We have right now, which He has blessed us with, to do this also. I AM Productions is a ministry to reach the souls in the unlisted areas of this generation. It is our mission to present Jesus Christ by the anointing of the Holy Spirit through prophetic worship. VIP serves as an outlet where one can reach the level of freedom to release their praise through music, dance and various art forms by the power and indwelling of the Holy Spirit. We are vessels for the Lord. We must remember that we stand victorious before Him and He has given us the gift of obtaining an intimate relationship with Him as we have the privilege to praise Him in all His glory. We invite you to partake in our mission to break through the traditional formalities of religion as we worship our Lord and Savior.

In Christ,

DJ Agape

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